Reflections – On My Upside Down World

Another diamond-bright day – another walk along the stream in Sandved Park.  Yes, there are other routes to take – but why?P1020805 P1020808

Something a bit different – shadows in the snow –



P1020823 P1020857


At the lake – this swan came over to warn us away from his family.  I didn’t notice his reflection in the water until I looked at the photo –P1020830 As you can see, it was a very calm day, and the stream is quite low, so mostly still –P1020856

P1020855I keep telling myself I’m going to come out one of these days with no dog so I can take two-handed photos and do some adjusting with exposures – but then Snoopy looks at me with those big, sad eyes, and I’m back to one-handed snap shots.


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5 Responses to Reflections – On My Upside Down World

  1. Karen Kirkwood says:

    Reflections indeed…
    Awesome shots…thanks

  2. Brenda Fritzler says:

    Hi Kathi, I had to keep looking to decide if the pictures were right side up or just posted upside down!! I am getting dizzy! Keep up your walks and photography!

  3. Becky Peacock says:

    I tell you, Kathi, if this is what you do one-handedly, I hardly dare imagine the amazing shots that would happen if you used two hands! I can see some lovely reflection quilts coming one day. Thanks for sharing so much.

  4. Sue says:

    WOW These are awesome photos. . .

  5. Jo says:

    You should be selling these for calendars, they are amazing. I second the idea of tying Snoopy’s leash round your waist, though you hardly need two hands if these are anything to go by one handed.

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