Caught in the Act

Almost every day there has been a gray heron somewhere along the stream near my house ….. and I’ve shown you my sad attempts by iPhone to get a good photo of him.  On Friday, I decided to get serious in my quest, and pocketed my small Lumix in the hopes of spotting the bird and at last getting a good shot. It was a beautiful, sunny day – just right for the hunt.P1020735

When I first came around a bend and saw the bird, out came the camera and he was pretty cooperative.P1020757

Then I went farther – and there was another.  This was the first time I’ve seen more than one, and the first flew off in a different direction.P1020762

Up by the small rapids, this fellow stood on the rock…… P1020737

and wandered provocatively along behind the trees…P1020741

then flew just a few meters upstream, settling again on the bank.  P1020747As we walked closer, he suddenly flopped into the water.  Strange, I thought to myself, they always just fly away……but then he stood up…… with a fish in his beak.P1020750

As I tried to get a bit closer, and wished my camera didn’t take so long between shots, he carefully juggled the wriggling fish so that the head was closest to his beak….P1020752

And then with one swift movement, down his throat it went.P1020753

Wow!  I have never seen that before – and I actually had my camera with me!

The sunlight also highlighted the iridescence of the mallard drakes’ plumage – couldn’t resist this shot.P1020774

As I went farther in the park, I saw a total of 8 birds…… I think some were duplicates, but it must have been a fine day for fishing, as I have never seen more than one before.P1020770

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12 Responses to Caught in the Act

  1. Sue says:

    Kathi This is so awesome. . . Fantastic photography and the herons are beautiful

  2. Evelyn says:

    Wow, Kathy, what a wonderful sequence of photos – beautiful. We see a few herons around on the small lake behind us, but I’ve never seen one catch and eat a fish. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That is AMAZING, I have seen them in the pond in my backyard and once I saw them dive in to get a gold fish. Your pictures were beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Connie says:

    Amazing pictures Kathi, how wonderful to go prepared and be rewarded.

  5. Sally Acomb says:

    Super photos, some great ones for quilt subjects!

  6. Hayfa Almughni says:

    Wow beautiful photos, this with your Iphone ? i am wondering with a excellent camera you enter a competition !!

    • Thanks, Hayfa. These weren’t with the iPhone. I have a nice little Panasonic Lumix. Still just on automatic, as it’s pretty hard to adjust a camera with a dog leash in one hand. I keep saying one day I will walk around without the dog and with my better camera – but his sad eyes just won’t let me leave him at home.

  7. Becky Peacock says:

    Totally amazing photos, Kathi! You really hit the jackpot, as they say. It seems to me you will really miss that stream and all the things around it…wildlife particularly. Good you will have all these photos to remember it by. I used to have a Lumix as well…nice little camera. It got left in the US by accident a couple summers ago, so now I have a Sony.

  8. Kathi….these are fantastic! First time I realize you have been writing a blog….wonderful!

    • Hi Deb. thanks for stopping by my post, and leaving a comment. I appreciate knowing there is someone out there. LOL I’m having fun writing, and so fortunate to have the time and the experiences.

  9. Oh, the goosebumps! Just looking at those photos… Wow! Lucky YOU! I see some gorgeous ‘framers’ there! Great job!

  10. Kylw says:

    Excellent captures! That looks like quite a big and wriggling fish about to make a long trip down that skinny neck! So the heron could really swallow it down whole? Was the unlucky fish eaten still alive, I wonder, could it swim out and escape the birds stomach if eaten in that condition!? Keep up the cool shots! 😉

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