One Frosty Friday

After a perfectly glorious, sunny day last Thursday, and a night so clear that you could almost reach out and touch the stars, we awoke Friday morning to frost covered ground……. at least, that’s what I thought it was.

When Snoopy and I ventured out for out morning walk, we discovered that it had snowed…… but it was the strangest snow I have ever seen.  Tiny balls about the size of the head of a pin ( about 1 mm in diameter) dotted the ground.Photo 2013-02-01 9 40 57 AM

And this is what I saw around my car….Photo 2013-02-01 9 21 38 AM

The snow had apparently bounced off the car as it fell, and left a ring on the ground – a perfect outline of the car.  There was frost on the windows…. but I’ve never seen snow like this before.

As we wandered down the street, we came to our neighbours’ driveway.  they had already left for work, but I could see where they had been parked.  It reminded me of the chalk line they draw around a dead body before they remove it on all the mystery programs on TV.Photo 2013-02-01 9 23 53 AM

The frozen leaves on the rhododendrons rustled like silken dresses Photo 2013-02-01 9 25 09 AM

The frost was a bit thicker down by the stream –Photo 2013-02-01 9 44 08 AM

Although the sun shone all day, it didn’t get quite warm enough to erase those strange rings of snow…… it took Saturday’s snowfall to cover them and make us forget the mystery.

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2 Responses to One Frosty Friday

  1. Margaret says:

    What you had was more hail than snow. We get that once in a while here in Michigan but ours is usually way bigger and does a lot of damage to cars. It is sort of snow and ice together to make little snow balls.

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