In Training Again

for the cold.  After enjoying a few days of +8 or so, we are back in the deep freeze here in Sandnes.  That’s around -10C.  Not cold by some standards, but as a young Norwegian lady said today, it’s the kind of cold that gets into your bones.

It’s been -25C or so in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, where I’m going.

After spending the past three days either sorting papers in the house, or holding a flashlight in the garage for David while he replaced the rear brakes on the car , we went out for lunch today. The sun was shining (it does that on cold, frosty days), and  the hoar frost was incredible. It was standing up on each blade of grass, making it look like new snow.  Here it is on some Rhododendron buds:P1020414 P1020429

And bushes –P1020400

The stream in the park with the rocks helmeted in ice –P1020401

And the grass looks like it is covered with snow.P1020406

Post script – I started this post on January 13, but got caught up with life and didn’t  complete it.  It’s been -16C on my thermometer the past two mornings.  They keep saying it will warm up. It hasn’t yet.  The frost is STILL sitting on the grass, in the sun every day, looking like snow-P1020632

The house is cold and the fireplace smokes.  Will summer come, ever?

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3 Responses to In Training Again

  1. Cecilia magor says:

    I was wondering just the same! Doggie walks are not so much fun in these temperatures….
    Specially for a Kuwait born dog! He just picks up one of his legs and walks on 3 when he’s had enough of the cold….:(

  2. Sue says:

    Even more beauty in Norway. . . . BTW
    There is a quilting cruise going to Norway in May. . . so wish I could go. . .

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