Selling a Car – Again

Here we are again – selling a car after just a bit over a year.  I sure am tired of moving and all the little things associated with it.

We went today to visit the neighbourhood used-car dealer – the one we bought the car from.  He has too many vehicles on his lot right now to be interested, and suggested that we put it up on – the “buy ro sell anything” site here in Norway.

Well, OK, we’ll give it a try.  It is, however, all in Norwegian, so here we go again.  Google translate is getting a good workout. I’m going through the form, translating as I go along, and trying to make sense of Google’s sometimes less-that-stellar translations. The back of the Owners’ Manual is a good place to begin finding out just what the car has on it, in Norwegian too.


If anyone around Stavanger is looking for a great little car – it’s a VW Golf, 2004 hatchback.  Gas motor, low mileage (77200 km).  1.6 l engine.

ImageI love it and wish I could just take it with me, but, failing that, I’d sure like to find it a good home.


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One Response to Selling a Car – Again

  1. Good morning!
    How much are you selling your “little baby” for please? I have frinds in Norway so can ask them…

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