Today I was The Mechanic

Last week, I shovelled snow – acres of snow!

My Mom taught me to do things for myself – and not just wait around for someone to help.  On the farm, if she had waited for my Dad to fix minor things, they wouldn’t have gotten done, as he was just too busy.  She had her own tools, which she hid really well. If anyone needed to borrow them, they had to wait outside so they wouldn’t see her hiding spot….. and they were always returned.  So I grew up with “do whatever needs to be done” firmly implanted in my brain.  it might be a quick fix that would need to be “done properly”, but it would work in the meantime.

This morning, the car wouldn’t start again, so I didn’t get it to the garage.  Out came the battery charger and cord that I carried from downtown the last time this happened. I wasn’t carrying a battery all the way from anywhere – they are heavy.

This afternoon the battery was charged enough that I could head to the parts store.  Luckily, they had what I needed in stock, and after slightly denting the bank balance, off I went home.  I hadn’t the forethought to check what tools I would need to change it out right in the parking lot.  Home, into the garage, and the search for just the right wrench began.  I found the small socket to disconnect the battery…… negative first. But where, oh where, was the bolt that holds the battery in place. Finally, I retreated to the computer and brought up the service manual.

Freshly armed with a flashlight, I searched for a ratchet with a long extension. Found, loosened…… the darn battery still wouldn’t come out.  I gave it one last heave-ho…. and there it was.  I was crossing everything I could while I hooked up the new one.  Car door opened….. bright lights greeted me.  Wohooo!  All I needed to do was reset the clock.

I know that I can do everything that needs to be done, or can get help , but I will be really glad when my husband come back home, and I can just do the “girl” things again, instead of everything!

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One Response to Today I was The Mechanic

  1. Cecilia magor says:

    This things only happen when the man of the house isn’t around ! i know it so well, well done for you Kathi, not long till your man of the house is with you again! Xx

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