A Different Kind of Cruise

I love having visitors, because then I have the chance (and excuse) to go and see a lot of new things in Norway…….. and have in every place I have ever lived.  Why is it that we sit at home and don’t go exploring on our own, but wait until we have guests to show around.  We should be going every week to see new places, and to revisit those we enjoy.

Another new experience I had while Corinne was here was to go on the Lysefjord Cruise.  I guess maybe it’s just not something you usually do by yourself…

Here is where it is –P1010533

We checked around downtown a bit until the boat left – no trouble getting tickets on board… I guess December isn’t their busiest time.  It was a gray, cloudy day that threatened to snow.  Whatever – we were inside and warm, and prepared to see whatever we could.  The option to go above-board was always there.P1010505

I am amazed by how many “whale back” islands there are – just peaking up above the water like the back of a whale.  The snow on the ground brought into sharp relief the crevices in the rocks on the small islands we passed.  P1010547So many cabins sat there, awaiting spring and their return guests.P1010522

This is the ferry that goes from Lauvik to Oanes – we took it when we drove from Sandnes to Preikestolen.P1010527

The Troll’s Heart – legend has it that a troll fell in love with a human girl, and was out one day when the sun came up – his heart turned to stone – and you can see it still here.P1010537

The Hanging Falls – must be really incredible in the summer time –P1010553

The Vagabonds’ Hideaway – if you look really close, you can see a mannequin pointing to the cave where some outlaws evaded the lawmen who were hunting them for non-payment of taxes.P1010575

I’d love to show you a photo of Preikestolen – the Pulpit rock, but the snow was so thick that all we could see was a great gray shape overhead.  I guess I’ll have to go back on a sunny day.

Here are a few more photos of Stavanger from the boat, and the fjord.P1010549P1010548P1010569P1010535P1010511

In spite of the reduced visibility, we had a very relaxing time and were glad to see the fjord in one of it’s less “touristic” moods.

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3 Responses to A Different Kind of Cruise

  1. Evelyn says:

    I’m still enjoying the tours you are giving us of Norway – your photos are a treat! I’ll be looking forward to learning all about Sakhalin.
    Hope you have a merry Christmas and another adventurous new year.

  2. lcarolyn says:

    What a wonderful adventure you are having!

  3. Becky Peacock says:

    Gorgeous, even with all the snow & reduced visibility. You have given us all a wonderful glimpse of Norway…makes me REALLY want to go back now & explore over the course of many days, not just the two we had when we were there before. Have a merry Christmas

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