A Little Russian Flavour

We had a bit of Russian flavour to our day last Saturday.  The International KulturCafe was featuring Russian food and music, and Corinne and I went to see what it was all about. with a move to Russia in the wind for me, we wanted to try some food and hear some music.  We weren’t disappointed.

The International Cafe is in a back corner of a building just across the street from St. Petri’s – better known to Expats as “the red church” – in Stavanger Sentrum.  Thanks to the Map application on my iPhone, we found it without too much trouble. The cafe is very simple, but warm and cozy and everyone was very friendly.P1010476 The tables were set with dolls in Russian costumes – so bright and colourful.P1010477

The menus were written in Russian and Norwegian, so we had to have a bit of help deciding what to order. Everything was delicious.  And just as we were enjoying our second cup of Russian tea (would love to know why it was so different and so good), six ladies in incredible costumes came to the front and treated us to a concert of Russian songs.P1010491

The music was very rhythmic and fun – I stood by a post to get a better view, and couldn’t help but clap in time. The singers were obviously have a lot of fun performing.P1010493

These two did a couple of duets, and looks so joyful.P1010483

This lady did several solos – what a great voice!P1010479

Great fun all around.  Thanks to the Russian-Norwegian group who put this on. We both enjoyed out taste of Russia, and it made me quite excited to actually be going to live there soon.

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2 Responses to A Little Russian Flavour

  1. Becky Peacock says:

    Wow! How perfectly wonderful in its timing, just before you move to Russia. I’m so happy you are having these experiences. I love how colourful the ladies’ costumes are. I foresee quilts in very happy, vibrant colours coming from your stay in Russia 🙂

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