At the Egersund Christmas Festival

The Stavanger Expat Photography group planned an outing on Saturday to the Egersund Christmas market.  Egersund is about an hour south of Sandnes – we decided to meet on the train and go together.  Most of them did……. yours truly missed the train and was an hour late! But now I know that I can take the red (Oslo) train to Egersund from Sandnes, and don’t have to wait for the local one.Waiting for the train

The train was absolutely packed with families on the way to the festival.  I was lucky to get a seat. We piled out at Egersund, and the trek to the downtown market began…. I didn’t realize it was going to be such a hike – probably close to a mile.  I didn’t think to start my walk counter to see.

We passed the marina on the way to the market – it was clear and still, and the reflections in the water were terrific.P1010713 P1010712

Tons of people there – I called Maria and soon joined her and a few others.  They had been scouting around and were ready to eat – I had eaten in Sandnes while I awaited my train, so I went off on my own. There were so many people –P1010748All ages – P1010721 P1010720There were men singing carols – not sure if they were really monks, but that’s how they were dressed.  They served at the grog stand (with or without alcohol) afterwards.P1010719

And what would a festival be without food – this was just one of many stands.  Norwegians love their donuts, waffles and pancakes!P1010722

A school band performed some carols too – they were so cute with their red Santa hats and their cute, healthy smiles.P1010736 P1010732

A wonderful display of mechanical wonders drew many small children, their nosed pressed tightly to the glass for a better view.P1010738

The huge Christmas tree also drew the kids – finally a tree they could climb.  Wonder if they’d like to try with the ones that will soon be in their houses!P1010747

The local quilt group had a booth with lots of beautiful items for sale.  I identified myself as a Rogaland Quiltelag member from Sandnes, and admired their handiwork.P1010725

P1010749Lots of stands with wool goods – felted mittens and woolly slippers and hats.  I bought a pair of mitts – and discovered that I need to wash them in hot water and then wear them so they will mould to my hands to keep me extra warm.P1010716

Here was a tableau of carding and spinning – isn’t this young lady gorgeous!P1010728 P1010729

I also discovered a booth manned by Latvian nuns and bought a CD of Christmas music in Russian – I’m listening to it now – beautiful and a bit different from the tonalities we are used to in the West.  I look forward to attending an Russian Orthodox church in Sakhalin to hear more.

More reflections in the water – a bit later in the day with the sun shining –P1010767 P1010753

I met up with the group again in a local restaurant.  We wandered around the market a bit more, and then headed back to the train.P1010769It was packed again, but not quite so bad.  I took a few shots out the train window of the sunset and the ice-covered lakes along the route.  a perfect ending to a beautiful day.P1010778 P1010776

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3 Responses to At the Egersund Christmas Festival

  1. Karen Julian says:

    Hi Kathi: I love your posts about your adventures and thank you for keeping them up. Norway must be fantastic, especially at Christmas time. I’m loking forward to the next chapter in your adventures – Russia! Thanks again, Karen In Canada

  2. lcarolyn says:

    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!

  3. Becky Peacock says:

    The photos definitely enhance your adventures. I can’t wait to see the first of your Russia stories/adventures in picture form. Merry Christmas

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