My Friend Wanted Snow…….

when she came for a visit and Norway obliged.  Snow and ice and frigid temperatures.  Here’s a bit of what it looked like in the park that you who follow my blog have come to know so well.

I know it’s not as much as in many places, but here, snow comes and goes, not usually comes and brings the deep freeze with it. And I’m still battling my desert-thinned blood.

Amazing how much redder the dogwood branches seem after a snowfall –P1010666


Just two weeks ago, this boulder dividing the falls was totally under water in the flooded river.P1010672 P1010674

Ice on the rocks –P1010675

This island was underwater as well two weeks ago.P1010681 P1010683

Minus 15C on my thermometer this morning……. I guess it’s beginning to look a LOT like Christmas.

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