Julebord – a Special Christmas Meal

The PWC (People Who Connect) in the Stavanger area had their yearly Christmas luncheon on Wednesday. As this is my first (and last) Norwegian Christmas, I want to partake in as many of the local traditions as possible.

The lunch took place in the Victoria Hotel – I think it’s the oldest hotel in Stavanger.  It was in a lovely long banquet room with large, decorative windows and chandeliers. P1010442

While we waited for the event to begin, it was nice to chat with friends – and make a new one that not only is here with Halliburton like we are, but knows people who have lived in Sakhalin Island and have loved it there.  Every time I hear that, my heart lifts a little, even though I really love Norway, and feel at home here. If I have to leave, it’s nice to know that it’s not the end of the earth, and that lots of people think it’s a great place.

We were called to order – and the program began.  We were treated to a performance of the St. Lucia singers…….. a special Christmas time event.  One very tall young man came out singing, and carrying a lantern.  When he reached the front of the room, then St. Lucia and her maidens came in singing. They did a short concert for us in both Norwegian and English.  It was hard to take photos there, so this is just a taste of what we saw.St. Lucia Choir

St. Lucia Choir

St. Lucia Day is December 13 – so I will be watching for a chance to see them again.

And now – the food.

It was an amazing spread. We had red and sour cabbage, yellow turnip with gravy, potatoes, roast pork, and pinotkjøtt, P1010445which is lamb ribs, salted and smoked.  they were delicious – and I went back for a second helping.  There was also a table of salads , P1010444and then some incredible deserts.  Needless to say, it was a good thing we had to go down the stairs afterwards, and not up.  I didn’t need any dinner that night.

Advent begins this Sunday, and then the Christmas season will officially begin. i love Christmas!

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3 Responses to Julebord – a Special Christmas Meal

  1. lcarolyn says:

    so glad you are enjoying your stay…beautiful pictures…merry christmas!

  2. Becky Peacock says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this, Kathi. It makes me homesick for Europe & the lovely traditions around Christmas they have there. Enjoy it all. I’m also happy you are hearing good things about your next location. It always makes it easier to move somewhere when you hear that others liked living there. All the best in this Advent and Christmas season.

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