Two Quilt Shops

in Copenhagen area that we visited. There are more than that, but, hey – I wasn’t there very long.  Next time, the rest had better watch out.

The first one we went to was Speich Design in Lyngby, after we attended the Christmas market put on by Jette Frolich. There was a lot of colourful, fun fabric outside, including some Liberty Prints, which can be hard to find, and are usually expensive.

Just peak through the window –

Inside, a feast for the eyes….. patterns, rulers, threads, fabric of every colour.  I was pretty conservative in my purchasing, but I did get a ruler set for Dear Jane (I have one one the go, although I haven’t been working on it lately), a new quilting calendar, because I have so much enjoyed the one my daughter gave me, and a Fat Quarter of Russian Babushka dolls.  Oh yes, and a pattern and small rotating mat…… an afterthought purchase.

When we had feasted our eyes and lightened our wallets, we wandered around the town, window shopping, and sometimes going in for a better look.  I got a tiny rubber ducky decoration to send my granddaughter who is one year old today, and some paper towel and toilet paper with Christmas trolls on them.

On Thursday, Cecilia and I took the bus to Stjerne Stoffer.  I find it so amazing how different quilt shops can have such different characters – like their owners, I guess.  This shop was full of Christmas patterns and samples – and SALES!  This was outside the door.Inside –I bought some red fabric with snowflakes on to go in my Block-of-the-month quilt with the Rogaland Quiltelag.  I’ve been cold most of the time here, after the heat of the Middle East, so I thought it was fitting to use snowflakes for my Norwegian quilt. I also found some cute little kits that will make nice small gifts for crafty people.
Especially since the local quilt shop has closed down, it was nice to go and browse, and to find those few little treasures that you only find in special places.  And, to a quilter, just breathing the air of a quilt shop is as refreshing as a greenhouse in the dead of winter.

Here is a shot of my collected booty –

Aaahhhh!  That’s good!

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One Response to Two Quilt Shops

  1. lcarolyn says:

    yummy colors! have lots of fun! and…happy holidays!

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