In Copenhagen – Take Two

I’ve been three days in this beautiful city, and have so much to tell you already! I’m lucky to have not only a good friend who lives here, but another from Canada visiting here son who is studying here. Here is just a taste.

I’ve never tried to post from my iPad, so I hope this goes smoothly. I’ve already lost one draft.

We have spent the past two days walking. Monday, we just wandered downtown, amazed at the huge Lego store, entranced by the decorations and china in the Royal Copenhagen shop.

Yesterday, we went outside Copenhagen to a one woman Christmas market. Here is an example of what she made, and how it was displayed in the 350 year-Old house.

And here are Cecilia, Pat and I enjoying a cup of grog and some apple dumplings.

And Cecilia took us to a quilt shop!

Rosenberg Castle, the Round House, the Botanical Gardens – these are on our list for today.

Photos below, as i didn’t get them put in the right places.
See you soon.







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