Weather Update

Forgive me if you are bored with weather reports. In Norway, like in rural Saskatchewan (Canada), the weather plays a very big part in our lives, and is an acceptable item of conversation.

Growing up on a farm, I knew the importance of rain in the right season, and also how a rainy day was a blessing as it was a chance to stop, relax and catch your breath before the long hectic hours of seeding, haying or harvest continued full tilt. The snowy days of winter were the farmers’ time to play, once the roads had been cleared and the cattle fed, of course.   Some followed the sunshine south – others, like my father, started up his snowmobile and joined neighbours on adventures in the snow.

Here, the Norwegians are outdoors the second the sun appears, and are only to happy to complain about the cold and excessive rainfall – but they DON’T measure it!  Well, I guess some of them must, as I bought my rain gauge here in Sandnes.  I am committing an almost unpardonable sin by not only measuring the rainfall, but, since Sept 3, recording it. And it has been interesting, to say the least. I guess it’s one of my coping mechanisms – if I have to go through a trying circumstance (excessive rain, heat, cloud), I feel that it may as well break a record, and become the hottest, wettest, cloudiest…

I guess yesterday Stavanger made the national news for its rainfall. I don’t know what their measurements were like, but from about 8 pm Friday night until 9 am this morning (Sunday), I have about 90 mm in my rain gauge – that’s about 3 1/2 inches. Basements were flooded, and shops closed.

With all the storm sewers draining into the Storana River in the park nearby, it was enough to flood the banks, even higher than in September (“Wondering” – Sept 14).  They have closed the park because of the rushing water and over flowing banks and walkways.

Park Closed

Here is another newspaper photo – and a few of my own as well.

Park – newspaper Photo

Underwater Island Nov 10

Flooded Walkway

Underwater Bridges Nov 10

September Flood – same bridges

Rainbow Before More Rain

By the way, the forecast is rain for the next week.  Maybe we should have gotten started on that ark!

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