The Move Has Begun…..

David left yesterday morning (6 am – yawn) for Sakhalin Island, Russia.  He arrived at noon Tuesday  (which was 10 hours before it was noon here), and launched into the job immediately.

I have begun what could be a 3 month wait in Norway before I can join him.  Luckily, yesterday was bright and sunny – everything I needed to keep from descending into pit of self-pity.  I really do hate it when he is gone.

When I returned from the airport at 6 am, the cat was sensibly awaiting me under the bed covers….. so of course I joined her for a short nap.  I really don’t do well with 5 hours of unsettled sleep.  When I awoke, the sun was blazing, and I found myself all ready to tackle the day.  Jenny grumpily moved from the warm bed to the heated bathroom floor, and disdained the blanket I put for her there.  Her choice – she’s over 17 years old and should know her own mind by now.

After a good breakfast, I went shopping – after all, isn’t that what we women are supposed to do to lift a dark mood?  I went to Fretex, looking for the creamer and sugar bowl that match my Figgjo teapot.  No luck, but I got a straw julebok.  Then I went to the craft shop next door and purchased purple candles for advent, and some supplies to make Christmas decorations.  I had to go to Panduro in the mall to get my steam-a-seam.

I ended the day curled in a comfortable chair, picking out the quilting in a quilt I love (but hate the quilting) and listening to podcasts on learning Russian. The dog lay companionably by my feet, and a glass of good beer at my elbow.  I discovered yesterday  that everyone puts out a Christmas beer here – I bought one from the brewery in Flåm to try. Maybe tonight.

It’s raining again today, but my mood hasn’t grayed over with the skies.  I have dozens of lists to make with all the things that I want or need to do in the coming months………today, this move is still an adventure.  Lets hope I can keep it that way.

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One Response to The Move Has Begun…..

  1. I had no idea you guys were leaving already – and you just did your licence! Sent you a message on Facebook…good luck! Andrea

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