Seeing Red

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the colour red.  “Why on earth?”  you may think.

Well, it all began with an email from my friend Jo in Muscat.  She has joined the team leading the quilt group there, and they have embarked on a journal quilt project. Rather than a specific happening or place as a topic, they have chosen to focus on a colour, and to see just what thoughts it evokes in the imaginations of the group members.  Jo asked if I would like to take part, as a former member and lonely quilter.  I am jumping at the chance.

Well, my mind has been jumping – but I haven’t actually cut or sewn anything yet.

When you begin to look for something, whether it is a colour or a certain type of tree, or people wearing blue hats………. you see so much more than you expected.  Even though I have probably more red fabric in my stash than any other colour, I am still amazed at how many different hues and shades and tints I see.

The reds of the leaves are one example – maple leaves here can be both yellow and red on one tree – and some even have pink (a red tint) on the back. from deep maroon to fiery red to the almost neon  of these feathery Japanese maple leaves…..

Or this aspen leaf with a mind of its own – aspen leaves DON’T turn red – but this one did.

Berries –

This poppy that flowered in my neighbour’s yard…… long after its fellows had given up for the winter…

The red of the tomatoes ripening on my window sill…

My new “travel” hand bag …..The cheery red of playground equipment… or the red of my nose when I came in from walking the dog this morning……sorry – no photo of THIS ONE!

I have ideas… and plans.  I will soon be cutting and fusing and sewing – and my red journal page will be done… and I will show you first.

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