At the Antique Sale

Saturday was a blustery day – not the kind of a day for hikes or picnics.  Wasn’t it nice that there was an Antique market in the Voll Sports centre that day! My daughter Heather, and her husband were visiting for the weekend from Aberdeen, and it was the perfect outing, as they had just been to an auction in Scotland that included antiques the preceding weekend.

We stopped by the Figgjo Porcelain Factory on the way. I bought a Figgjo teapot and trays a while ago at the local Fretex store, and was wondering if I could get a matching creamer and sugar bowl.   The pot has a brown floral leaf design on a tan background – and it doesn’t match my pure white cream and sugar set.

I had never been to the factory and boutique, so we were all in for a surprise.  They have a wonderful assortment of dishes, in amazingly original shapes and designs.  no sugar bowl for me, however.  The “Hedde” design of my teapot was made between 1978 and 1981.  How nice that we were headed next to an antique sale!

Thanks to my handy GPS, we found the place without any trouble at all.  Entering, we were met with a room full of people and tables full of merchandise….. some very old, and some not so.  There were lots of Figgjo dishes, but no cream and sugar set.  I did find a set of cups and saucers, but the background colour was darker and more gray-green than mine – I guess they made the pattern in two (or more?) colours.

We all wandered around the room, I checking for my matching set, and Heather and Graham for things that they fancy. There were a lot of dishes, especially glasses and stemware of almost every shape and size.  Spoons from Bergen, silverware, toys and tablecloths…. beautiful hardanger…

also military medals and bugles, a ship’s steering wheel and bells, old trunks and rosemaling bowls.

We stopped for a snack – waffles and bowls of Grøt – what we would call a sort of creamy rice pudding, topped with butter, sugar and cinnamon. Due to my poor Norwegian, we missed that we were also entitled to a glass of juice with it – “Grøt og Saft” the sign said.

After the food, we went around the hall again. I snapped a few photos, and my daughter and her husband checked to see if there was something they liked enough to pack it off to Aberdeen with them. I bough a small rosemaling bowl, but they came away with full stomachs, but empty hands.

It was pouring rain when we left the hall, but by the time we arrived back in Sandnes.  it was a perfect evening to curl up inside with a light dinner and lots of great conversation.

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One Response to At the Antique Sale

  1. Brenda Fritzler says:

    Loved seeing the pictures. I felt I was shopping with you…….in spirit anyway.

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