Sunday – 8.45 Miles.

David had made arrangements with a friend to go together on a long hike on Sunday – early!  Well, I guess 9 am isn’t usually early for us, but we’d been up late the night before with company, and it was the weekend.  Still, about 9 am, we were all packed into the car, David, snoopy and I, along with water and coffee and apples and cheese….. you never want to be hungry when you are on a hike, right?

We arrived at Dave’s place (yes, another Dave) in Lye just before 9:30.  Wow, does he  ever have a great view of Bryne and the sea shore from his from window. Soon, we were on the road, headed to Brusand Beach. The countryside around there is quite flat farmland – a rarity in Norway, where only 4% of the land is arable.  The rest is rock and water.

Dave had the trip all planned out – about an hour to the small river mouth, another to the Kvasshein lighthouse….. and then back.

We parked at the campground, and were soon at the shore.  The salt had left tracks on the sand…… and so had the few people who were ahead of us.

There were a few fellows fishing in the sea as well.  We didn’t see anyone with fish – and I sure would not have wanted to stand in that cold water all day long. the sand was quite soft, which made waling quite difficult.  Good exercise, but my thighs were screaming. I think Dave takes this hiking business a bit more seriously than I do.

We arrived at the stream right on schedule – and the water was low enough that we could walk over the causeway, instead of having to go upstream to the road.

The shore on the other side was quite rocky – and we took advantage of the boulders to stop and have an apple and cheese. I was glad of the rest.

The rest of the way to the lighthouse was much easier, although we had to climb over several styles, as we were walking through cow pastures.

There is a small harbour beside the lighthouse – and a tiny restaurant as well.  Coffee and a piece of great carrot cake, with to-die-for cream cheese icing, soon had me ready for the return trip.

When we entered the pasture on the way back, one red and white cow was particularly interested in Snoopy.  After one look, he was NOT the least interested in her, and just wanted to get away.  She loped after us up to the next fence, when both men turned on her, and she decided that we weren’t that interesting after all.  I wish I’d taken a photo of her, but I was just a little concerned that she might like to get a bit too close, and I was beating it (walking, of course) for the next fence myself.

The soft sand on the last leg of the trip did me in, so we retreated to the top of the dune, where there was a nice, hard-packed trail.  We went on to Bryne for Chinese food, and home to bed – a nap that turned into a good, deep all-night sleep.

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