Saturday Morning – Brasteinvatnet

The weekend was sunny and there was no rain predicted (not that THAT means much).  W thought of going to the Dog Forest, where we could hike around, and snoopy could be off-leash, but decided to explore new territory instead.

Just south of Sandnes, there is a small lake called Brastein. Vatnet means “the lake”.  Snoopy was so excited to be going for a car ride, as he hasn’t been for quite a while, what with David working the whole weekend on his Statistics course.

The sign at the lake required dogs to be on-leash, and right away, we met a lady with her’s firmly tethered to her hand.  Oh well – at least we were out in the sun.

The sky was so blue – and so was the water. We walked along the path beside the lake for a while, and then it led us up to a pasture. There were old buildings there – not sure if they had been stables, but they looked to be used for storage now.

We walked to the top of a small knoll and looked down over the lake to this island.  There were four swans swimming beside it – in the brilliant reflection of the sun, they were just shadows and very hard to see.

This hill across the highway has some very steep fields – and even at this distance you can see the one where the rocks were not picked.

Snoopy found some lovely boggy land to run through, and got gloriously dirty.  David had to take off his jacket to wash him in this tiny stream that flowed into the lake.

What a gorgeous day! I could sure accept a few more of these here in Norway.

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