Grumpy Old Woman

Today I feel like a grump.  It seems that everything I’ve gone to do has been a problem.  And mostly to do with the computer.

I was trying to renew my husbands magazine subscription…… just click on “Renew”, the help section said. Only there was no “Renew” on the list. an email to the company brought the directive to phone for assistance.  of course, it is 10 am in Norway, and the middle of the night in Canada…. and they open at 8 am. Put it on the list for the afternoon!

I’m doing the farm books, and need information about interest on the loan payments made – of course they never break it down on the statement. No problem – they have wonderful reports online and I can get it in a minute. Wrong again.  they have updated the system, change password requirements, and are only available Monday to Friday while the whole system is implemented. Of course, it is still the holiday weekend in Saskatchewan… and I try too many times and get my account frozen.  I need to call to get my password reset. something else on the afternoon to-do list.

Next, I need to pack up my sewing machine and take it back to the repairman.  Last week, I distinctly remember asking them to check the bobbin winder, as it makes a terrible racket and I’m afraid if I use it, the whole thing will fly apart.  It wasn’t fixed, and although it winds bobbins very neatly, it still sounds like someone’s old jalopy.  I can’t read the directions on the work order (Norwegian), so I don’t know if it was not mentioned or just missed.  pack up ALL the cords this time, and off to the shop.  The lovely young lady there said it had been mentioned, but under the throat plate, not on top of the machine (I know a lot of them wind the bobbins in place – that would be handy, but mine does not). Mystery solved, but I still need to leave it for another week and pay another service charge.

It’s a beautiful sunny afternoon – a real rarity here lately.  I head off to a large electronics shop as they have an iPod docking station on sale…. one that both the iPhone and iPad will work on.  As my stereo is not working properly, I thought that it would be a good substitute, especially with Christmas approaching and my love of listening to Christmas songs.  Out of stock, and not much choice.  I guess that’s a bit of money I won’t spend today after all…. and Christmas is still a long way off.

Back home – have a short nap, and now it should be late enough in Canada to make those phone calls.

Magazine first…….. wonder of wonders, only a 2 minute wait and I get the subscription handled in nothing flat. Things are looking up.

Loan company next….. oh-oh, a 1-800 number. Very often, they only work in North America, and this is no exception.  Plan B – fin a regular long distance for the service department.  Now, this is for their software service department, but Stephen is most helpful in finding me a number.  Within minutes, I have Alexa on the line, and she resets my password and I am away.

Online, I discover that their new password rules are pretty rigid, and they seem to have disposed of a lot of the great reports they once had.  Grumble, grumble…….. I still find the information I need, and hope that they will have it all available again when everything is set up.

It’s raining again…… but the forecast (fingers and toes crossed) is for sun for a week, beginning tomorrow afternoon.

I guess I don’t have to be a grump after all. And I should really know better, anyway.


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2 Responses to Grumpy Old Woman

  1. Cecilia says:

    I’ve had a similar week so far, banks and their extra new security bits and pieces, I can sympathise, maybe there is something in the air that makes all thing go hay wire!
    It will be sunny with us tomorrow too:) but very blustery:( ah well, xx

  2. Evelyn says:

    Sounds like one of those Murphy’s Law days – you sort of wish you could go back and start over, but unfortunately that isn’t an option. Glad to hear things worked out as well as they did.
    We’ve had lovely sunny weather unexpectedly over the Thanksgiving weekend, but my California visitors keep complaining its ‘cold’ – can’t understand that – we thought it was great!

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