Snoopy and the Decoy

When we take Snoopy on his daily walks, we almost always go through the park.  And there are ducks……. many, many ducks.  Snoopy loves the ducks. Ducks run… well, they waddle really quickly and make a lovely noise.

Often the ducks are sitting along the shore when we walk by – and once in a while, we let Snoopy walk along just close enough to scare them into the water.  He will never catch one, and I don’t think he’d know what to do with it if he did, but they waddle the foot or so to the edge, squawking and wiggling their tail feathers at him, and swim just far enough away that he thinks he has done something really special.  Harmless game, and the ducks aren’t being hurt by it.  They are very trusting of people and dogs, and getting very fat.

All summer, there has been a duck decoy in the pond. It has moved around with the flows a bit, finally, after the last high water, being dragged under the bridge into a faster part of the stream.  David and I were commenting just the other day on how Snoopy has never seemed to notice the decoy.

Well, today he did. And I didn’t even have my phone with me to take a photo.

When he saw it, his ears pricked up, and he slowly edged closer to the bank.  The current made the decoy dip and turn a bit in the water, so it really did look alive.  He couldn’t figure out if it was coming for him or not – jumping backwards when it seemed to be heading his way. His whole body was on high alert….. he couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t squawking away toward the other shore like all the rest.  He was so intent on this that when a walker went by us, he jumped. He knew the water was too deep to wade into, so he didn’t venture in after it.  It was the funniest thing.

I can’t wait to walk that way again and see what his reaction is…….. funny dog.

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