Another Block Completed!

While David has been immersed in his Statistics class this weekend, I have been sewing.

I sewed the backing for my Muscat mystery quilt that will finally see the quilting machine. It is now laying over the frame, all ready to load tomorrow morning. I can’t wait to get started….. it was only due a year ago.  But then, my frame was dismantled to move, so I guess I couldn’t have done it then.

Next, I worked on the blocks for the local quilt group Block of the Month.   First, I redid the August block, as I had realized that the inner square should not be the background colour. I like this much better with the pale blue around the centre.

There were a few unpleasant words in the air when I realized that some measurements were wrong for the September block. I had to take 1/8″ seam on some pieces to make it work.  Here it is – I don’t like it.

The block is too heavy for such dark colours. I will have to rethink this one and make another.  It will need much lighter fabrics, or maybe a little extra piecing to lighten it to match the other three. I need to use the same red in all the blocks too – I’d hoped to be able to use different ones, but this, although it looks like frost, doesn’t have the vibrancy of the striped one.

Here are the four blocks we’ve received to date – the beginning of my Norwegian quilt.

End of the day – I’m happy to have been able to spend it sewing.

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4 Responses to Another Block Completed!

  1. Julie Cooper says:

    Lovely Kathi x

  2. Cecilia says:

    That happened to me on a quilt I did for my grandaughter, found the dark was too overwhelming, since I had bought the fabric here, and it’s expensive… I fixed it by quilting just over the dark fabric with (in your case) perhaps light blue thread and quite densely, to ‘lighten up ‘ the effect, and it worked for me !

  3. Sue says:

    I see what you mean. . . not enough back ground color for my sense of balance. Love the star block

  4. Sue says:

    Then again. . . any day quilting is a good day. 😉

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