You Can’t Go Back!

When I started sorting and organizing my sewing room this fall, I found a quilt that was partially completed.  Only the borders remained to be done – I thought that I should be able to know this one off pretty quickly, and have a UFO finished in short order.

Yesterday, I pinned the quilt to my leaders and had a look at it.  Pretty crooked – this was done before I knew about stitching in the ditch to keep the lines straight.  It was before I got my new frame (2010), and maybe even before I got my Bailey Home Quilter.

I set about to straighten the borders at the top, so I could then quilt them.  Ok – not bad.

Then I rolled it down to the bottom – and felt sick.  Not only was it crooked – and who know where – but the stitching was awful. I wonder now if THAT isn’t why I quit so long ago.

I can’t go on and finish this quilt.  I like the top, which was the product of a swap in Grande Prairie of quarter-flower blocks.  If I just finish it as it is, it will end up in the garbage.

So, another quilt will go on the frame, while I painstakingly frog-stitch all the quilting.  Thank goodness it isn’t heavily quilted.  then I will do it right, from the beginning.

i guess I’ve learned quite a lot in the past few years, after all.

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