In Search Of UFO’s

Actually, it’s not much of a search…. the darn things are leaping out at me every time I go into my sewing room.  I made the mistake of deciding to go through ALL my boxes and bins to see what I have that isn’t finished.  Bad move!

My oldest UFO I have is a partially hand quilted lap quilt dating back to the spring of 2002 – a mystery quilt.  The real mystery is why I thought I would ever get the quilting finished. this one, I’m afraid, is going to have to wait a bit longer – I never seem to sit still long enough to do it……. I’m sure someday I will have to, and it will be good to have it to keep me occupied… that is, if I can see what I’m doing by then.

I have two Block-Of-the-Month quilts from the quilt shop in Grande Prairie (circa 2004).  the master plan for this one, stars in bright jewel tones, was to pair it with 12 floral applique blocks in the same fabrics, and 14 smaller 6″ stars in a layout I found online and loved.  I originally planned to hand applique the flowers, but as I had never done that before, the loosely woven fabrics soon defeated me. I did the patterns all in batik, and decided to machine applique them for this quilt.  I have all 12 – 12″ blocks done, and, as you can see, only one of the floral wreaths.

The other project that winter was “A Christmas To Remember” by Black-Eyed Susan Designs.  Susan taught the blocks each month…….. and we got all the fabrics except for the borders and background in the block kits.. I had a hard time finding the background I wanted….. and fell behind…… and this is all I got done.

Now, I had to throw in a disclaimer here – I was making other quilts and working on other guild projects…. and learning a whole lot.  but I have been carrying this around with me for…how many years?

Enter the Peace Country Shop Hop of 2005.  The Peace country is an area of northern Alberta and British Columbia with an uncharacteristic climate, and flat, fertile farmland in the midst of forest.  It is also a very busy area for the oil industry, which is hwy David and I had moved up there.

Within a couple of hundred miles, we had about 10 quilt shops. They were enlisted by the quilt guild in Fort St. John, BC, to have a shop hop.  You got a “passport” and when you visited each shop, you got your passport stamped, and could buy their specially designed block kit for $5.  Of course, the idea was to spend a whole lot more than that in each shop, and of course, most of us did.  It was a fine outing, visiting several quilt shops with friends, and going home, laden with block kits and assorted other treasures.  Completely filled-in passports were eligible for a prize.

They had another one the next year.  I couldn’t participate, but my friend Lorraine got me one of each block.  Here are the few I finished…… and JUST a few of the ones left to do. Oh wait – i did one other, but gave it away.

January 2007 – we move to Kuwait.  I immediately get involved with the Q8 Quilters and am immediately consumed by a very active club and many, many new techniques and projects. the fabric shopping is amazing – malls full of nothing but fabric and notion shops, roll after roll of quilting fabric, and so inexpensive.  I fell in love with a wonderful Oriental print – and found a pattern I loved.  The quilt pattern was only 62″ X 70″ – and I had a king-sized bed.  I painstakingly drafted it out to make it larger, calculating just how many blocks and strips of each fabric I would need……. and got the mauve ones cut.

Now, I have a queen-sized bed, so I had to figure out how to downsize my calculations.  I have extra strips cut now so I plan to make pillow shams to coordinate with the quilt.

I hate to tell you, but this is just the beginning of the list.  Still, In two small boxes, I have the makings of four delightful and quite different quilts.

I had the best of intentions when we moved to Kuwait in January 2007, and to Muscat in 2010, and to Norway last January…. and so life has gone. Now, I’m setting these projects out to complete – and it feels good.

My goal this year is to actually finish these tops.  With a couple of other projects I have on the go, I have enough variety to keep my interest for quite a few months.  Now, if I can just keep myself from getting sidetracked.

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2 Responses to In Search Of UFO’s

  1. Paramjeet says:

    Lots of good projects peeping out of that stack.And many days o f work

  2. Sue says:

    I am also working on UFOs . It feels good! And I am straightening out my stash and stuff to find them all. Will be waiting to see the finished quilts in future posts

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