First Frost

My thermometer said zero this morning when David left for work on his bicycle.  the official temperature was +4.

The frost seems to have only hit the car windows –and roof tops –Maybe the fact that all the plants were still wet from last night’s rain saved them from harm.  I had just pruned excess leaves off my tomato plants to let the sun in yesterday – I hope the frost didn’t do any damage.  We have a forecast of THREE sunny, dry days ahead. I won’t hold my breath – but it would sure be a welcome change from the clouds and rain of the past 3 weeks.

There was a lovely mist in the air – poor Snoopy had to keep stopping to accommodate my frequent photographic endeavors.  here are a few of the scenes that met us in the park this morning.Now, I need to go and finish the table runner project from my weekend quilting class – then I can tell you all about it.

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2 Responses to First Frost

  1. Paramjeet says:

    Gosh the 1st two …i have not seen anything like that ever and the last one …so much mystery.

  2. I haven’t seen frost that feathery very often either. The photos didn’t do it justice.

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