if we should be building an ark.

This morning, I emptied 38 mm of water  out of my rain gauge – it was still raining when I did it.  It’s still raining now, although there have been patches of sun and brief times of clouds with no rain.

When David left this morning, he called to tell me that the stream in the park was higher than he had ever seen it.  He was right.  Our sleepy little Storana is now a raging river.

There is a 8″ drain pipe in this bank which I always use to gauge just how high the water is…. last night when we walked Snoopy, the water was maybe two inches into the pipe – where is it now????

There used to be rapids here –

and this used to be a dry path –

This is a before shot of the same area –Here, the small foot bridges (on private property) are being washed out at the ends –

And this trees are usually well about the water level – now, they are in the middle of the stream.

Anyway, I was sure glad I wore my rain gear this morning, even though it was sunny when we set out for our walk.

The summer has been so cool that the rhododendrons and this little primula think it must be spring again.

Did I ever tell you that I’d never lived in a country where it rains so much? I know Norwegians that are telling the same story.  Maybe there is a climate change going on.

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