In Search of Salmon

On Saturday, we went in search of salmon.  No, not to the local grocery store, or to the fish market.  To a river – they are flocking up stream now for the spawn. Figgjoelva, to be exact.  The river that Dwight D. Eisenhower came to fish in. The Eldorado of salmon fishing!After trying unsuccessfully to ask the right questions of David’s GPS, we looked at the map (I really DO like a paper map) and found our way to Selestranden (Sele Beach).  Driving around, we found no place to park, so we carried on the Borestranden.

On the way, we chanced upon a potato harvest.  I’d never seen a potato combine, so we stopped for a look. 

We arrived at Borestranden parking lot -it was great to get out and walk – over the dunes, we saw the waters of the North Sea.  The breakers were studded with surfers.

There must have been a surfing school going on – look at the number of boards in the back of this truck!

Snoopy thought this was a great idea – lots of open sand for him to run on, bits of seaweed to sniff at.

With the pounding of the waves, there aren’t many shells on the beach, except for these tiny bits.

What we did find was pockets of smooth, rounded rocks.

There are little paths through the dunes at the edge of the beach, and one with some hard, eroded sand at one edge.

At last we arrived at the mouth of the Figgjo River – you didn’t really even know it was there until you were right on top of it.  There was a distinct difference in the colour of the water where it flowed rapidly into the sea.

We walked along the bank, past some fishermen (and women) having a lunch break.  Crossing the bridge, we paused a moment and saw several fish jump out of the water.

This man had had a good day – he said that the largest fish weighed 8.5 kilograms – you could tell by the way he held his arm carrying it that it was heavy.

The river is quite fast and deep, but I’m thinking that on a clear sunny day you might be able to see the flash of silver as the salmon go under the bridge.

I hope we get the chance to go and see.



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