Finally, Something New To Show.

This morning at Hanne’s, I finished sewing the binding and hanging sleeve on my Three Ladies. It is so nice to finally have something done.This is a copy of a painting by the Indian painter, B. Prabha.  My friend, Paramjeet Bawa, came up with an interesting and quite simple technique for using reverse applique to produce this painting-like effect with fabrics.  She taught me and several friends in Muscat before we left.  Everyone else had their project completed soon afterwards, and showed them off at the meeting of the Muscat Quilting Group.  Mine is done now – and looking for a special wall to hang on.  Better late than never, eh?

I have also caught up on the monthly block from the Rogaland Quiltelag – the local Norwegian quilt guild that I am attending.  The first one was all paper pieced – the second had some as well.  It is not my favourite technique, but I am sold on the ease one can get fine lines and sharp points that are impossible to do by piecing.

I’m having my usual bit of trouble with value – bright colours always read as light to me, even when they are not.  The star was finished when I really noticed….. and I think I did a bit better in the other two blocks.  I used my camera in black & white mode to get a better idea of the values, and came up with this compromise.Block three was all pieced – and fun to do.

And there they are, ready to show at the next meeting. they are pinned onto the quilt that isn’t whispering back to me yet.

I’m beginning a winter mystery quilt – actually two table runners.  The first set of instructions was just to select the fabrics, and cut a few 8 1/2″ squares….. now I have to wait for the beginning of October for the next set of instructions. I got this delightful Christmas cat fabric in a small country shop near Vancouver a year ago – and hope it will work as my light fabric. With all the old things I’m trying to clean up, I needed something new to tackle as well – and this shouldn’t take that much time.

I’m starting to do the quilting on the Santa’s sleigh wall hanging now, and hope to have it finished soon as well.

It’s nice to be sewing again.

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6 Responses to Finally, Something New To Show.

  1. cuz says:

    How do you get instructions for a mystery quilt..I would like to try one……..but sort of a simple one…….can you help me?? Do you not even know what the final will look like until the last month??

  2. Brenda Fritzler says:

    Is the reverse applique technique different than the one you showed me. Love seeing your work.

  3. Paramjeet says:

    what my color sensibility says is that your star is the best of the lot it could be well because it is a star . (hind sight is better too ) I can never pick correct colors when making a traditional quilt .I just love your star and I would like more if the light blue in the other blocks is a shade higher.

    Th quilting in the Three Ladies is showing beautifully I am so glad you finished it and i t is looking great …..looking forward to your street series now.

    • i agree about the light blue being a bit too light – hard to have all the right blues.
      Glad you like the Three ladies – I’m really happy with it, and glad I finally finished it.

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