The Fairy’s Looking Glass

I’ve always been fascinated with water – I think most of us are.  After all, that’s where we begin our lives.  And we are made up of mainly water.  Without it, we will perish, physically.  I think some of us would perish mentally without it as well.

I grew up in a  valley in the Canadian Prairies.  There was a small creek there – designated on the old maps as an “intermittent stream”.  Once they put a dam on the Saskatchewan River, when I was about 18, there was a lot more water in the creek – and it was muddy instead of clear.  There was a lot of erosion. I didn’t think about that when I was growing up though.  I remember playing in the water on the stone crossing, and watching the fish go upstream in the spring to spawn. And, when ever I had a knotty problem that needed considering – that was where I went.  The sound of the water splashing over the rocks seems to untangle any problem, and present me with a solution – even if it was just to grin and bear it.

It seems that all the rest of my life, I’ve been doing the same thing – reveling in the running stream, or the mirror surface of a quiet pond, or the pitter-patter of raindrops on the roof, or on my upturned face.  The lake near our farm at Govan was a haven of peace – a brief rest from the hectic pace of farming in the summer.

I didn’t get down to the sea very often when we were in Kuwait – and the joy that I found in Muscat when I was within easy walking distance of the ocean was almost tangible. I could sit and watch the breakers roll in for a long, long time. Somehow, the 98% humidity in the air didn’t have the same effect! You can’t hear that.

Walking with a new friend at sunset in Muscat –

Now we are in Norway.  I’m not very close to the sea – to a beach where I could go to sit and daydream.  But we do have rain……. and dew. I always carry a camera with me, and I’ve amassed quite a collection of photos of raindrops – on roses and fences and flowers of all kinds. It’s amazing how the rain drops stay on these geranium leaves – even when all the rest of the plants are dry.

I think of these tiny droplets as the fairy’s looking glasses, for there seems something mystical about them.

Did you see the fairy?  We may have just missed him.

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2 Responses to The Fairy’s Looking Glass

  1. Paramjeet says:

    Beautiful and so refreshing ,i so miss the rains here.

  2. Sue says:

    My favorite “dream place” is in a meadow, sitting with my back against a tree next to a bubbling stream. . . love the photos

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