A Quilt Show in the Park.

While we were back in Canada in July, I got the chance to attend to a quilt show in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan with two friends.  They have a lovely old park, and beside the library they had hung quilts on lines between the huge old trees.

We parked a couple of blocks away, and had to pass by a little antique shop with the darlingest cane-seat rocker outside. I would have loved to buy it, but of course, we don’t have a house in Canada to put it in, and I didn’t think it would fit in my suitcase.  They had some neat things inside as well – including this sign… I think every woman should have one.It was a lovely sunny day – a bit breezy though, so it wasn’t always easy to get a photo of the whole quilt.

One lady does a lot of sun printing.  She sells the paint in her shop – and was giving people a chance to try it out… alas, all her samples were taken when I got there.  It looked like fun. You just spread the paint on fabric, then put objects (like leaves) on top and weight them down.

A few minutes in the sun, and voila!

There was a lot of variety – here are a few photos, and there are more at the end of this post.

Some great use of prints – I never know how to use different prints together.  This red one with all the tiny prints had a very soft effect.And a very interesting one-block-wonder –

There were a few very interesting pieces – like this triangular face –

There was not a lot of custom quilting in evidence – it looked rather like someone with a long arm has been busy doing pantograms. Many had been quilted on home machines as well.  Very nice work though. This one is about the best example of custom quilting – very good local design as well.

This applique quilt was stunning in its colours and values.  I think maybe it was done by a very experienced quilter whose eyesight is failing.

There were four shops with booths set up as well – three from Moose Jaw, and one from Kindersley. Here is Brenda seeing what goodies she can find.When we left, we did visit one of the local shops and bought a bit more fabric and notions.  I succumbed to these two books as well, as they looked really intriguing – and my only other option would be to order from Amazon and pay postage.  I especially like the ideas for woven backgrounds.

It was a great day out with the two good quilting friends who got me hooked and forgot to mention that quilting is an addiction.  Thanks, Brenda and Hope.

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2 Responses to A Quilt Show in the Park.

  1. Brenda Fritzler says:

    It was great to read about the quilt show. A fun memory shared brought to life again.

  2. Hope says:

    Thanks for the pictures, I really enjoyed the show and the outing. It was a highlight of the summer. keep up the quilting,

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