Rainbow Day

Today is a funny, drizzly day.  Bad day to do laundry, but… you have to do what you have to do.  There is more sun than rain, so things are drying in the breeze – I just have to catch them before the next shower.

We’ve had a fair bit of rain the past few days, and the stream in the park is running quite high. The ducks love it – they were playing “duck derby” today when Snoopy and I walked past.  It’s so funny to see them all sailing downstream on the current.  I’m not sure if they fly back to give it another go, or swim back against it.  They are spending quite a lot of time sunning themselves on the banks as well.

Snoopy went in for a dip this morning and got a bit of a shock.  He usually goes in and lays down in the water.  No laying down this morning – we was quite surprised at how deep the stream was, and how strong the current. I think he actually had to swim a bit before he got out – and this is one dog that really likes to keep his feet on terra firma.

We had two rainbows on our walk –

Here – the fine rain was still coming down on us…

and many more showers since then.

Funny day – feels more like autumn than summer.

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One Response to Rainbow Day

  1. Sue says:

    Fall day. . . could it be fall in Norway in September?? Sure feels like mid summer here. . .

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