All Tidied Up and Ready to Sew

Yesterday, I spent most of the day sorting and tidying up my sewing rooms. Fabric had been just shoved onto shelves when I unpacked it, and never really sorted or refolded.  I want to get sewing – and couldn’t even imagine doing it with the state of the sewing room.

I love going through my fabric, refolding it, and finding pieces I’ve forgotten about.  Yesterday was no exception. I also cleaned out a bag of “almost finished” pieces – and wow – I can get these done without too much work.  This little quilt, the product of a swap back in Grande Prairie, Canada, is almost all quilted – just some of the flowers and the borders left to do.

And this Christmas wall hanging needs the quilting/machine applique finished.  I should actually have it done for Christmas this year. I remember buying the pattern in St. John’s, Newfoundland, and thinking I’d make it for my sister and her children.  They will be 20, 19 and 17 this Christmas… I guess I’ve waited too long.

This quilt has been on my design wall for a week – it was a mystery quilt from Muscat last year, and I am waiting for it to whisper back to me how it needs to be quilted.  This one comes after the yellow flowers that will surely brighten up a dreary winter afternoon.

I went to a coffee morning today – decided it was time to have someone to talk to.  I rode my bike – it had just finished raining.  When I came out, it looked like it was clearing up again – but it didn’t. I felt quite “Norwegian” as I rode past the school yard where the children were playing in spite of the rain…… and very fit and virtuous. 

Then the thunder roller, and the heavens opened.  By the time I got home, I was drenched…. here is the scene in front of my garage as I huddled under the overhang, getting out my keys.  Thanks goodness for the mud room downstairs.

The sun is shining now, and I’m inside, dried and warmed up – tummy full of soup, and I’m ready to sew.

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6 Responses to All Tidied Up and Ready to Sew

  1. cuz says:

    wow you are going to be busy!!!!!!!! I should do a cleanup of my quiltin’ cupbnoard……a bit later as I am going to paint this room first and then organize the sewing and get to it. I cut a few pairs of old jeans yesterday and am going to tackle a denim and flannel square quilt……..I had everyone saving jeans.think I have enuf now……HAPPY SEWING

  2. sara says:

    sewing roomS? in the plural? soooo jealous. I cannot wait to move to somewhere I can do just this – sort and refold all my fabrics, finish up the wisps and ufos and plan new projects. soon. very, very soon…..

    • Two small adjoining rooms, Sara – one JUST big enough for my shelves and cutting table – the other a squeeze to get my ironing board, sewing machine and a couple of boxes in. The frame is set up in the basement.
      Oh, for that 24 foot log room I had in Muscat!

  3. Now that’s what I call a stash. Remarkable.

  4. Karen Floyd says:

    If you are Kathi Ewen that contacted Outpost Sakhalin via Facebook, could you please contact me Karen at my email address I accidentally deleted your post while trying to add to it and I couldn’t get it back. I tried to search for you on facebook but nothing comes up. I found this blog and think that it belongs to you? So sorry for the trouble but I would really like to tell you about Sakhalin. Karen

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