I Finally Met My Little Angel

My granddaughter was born November 27, 2011.  I lived in Muscat, Oman at the time…….. she was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Aaryana Raven Weist.

I had a photo of her shortly after she was born – the internet is wonderful.  I was on a mountain top (Jebel Akhtar) the morning I received the news and the photo.

Here she is in her Daddy’s cradle, with the first quilt I gave her.  I’d made it long ago, just because I loved the flannel print with the hearts and bears.She has three older, totally captivated brothers.  Will she be a princess or a tomboy?  Only time will tell.  But, after three boys, her Mom will have her in pink and ruffles until Aaryana decides otherwise.

We moved from Oman to Norway in January – more photos, but still I hadn’t gotten to hold her and cuddle her.  I made a quilt for her – it would be a long time before she would actually receive it….

We didn’t get back to Canada until June 28.  Aaron, Jen, Colin and Aaryana picked us up at the airport. Now, a happy, smiling 7 month old, she was quite happy for Grandma and Grandpa to hold her – as long as she didn’t have to sit in one spot for very long.  She is pretty energetic – just like her Daddy, whom she adores.Aaron and Jen (and Aaryana) receiving the quilt – and Aaron quizzing me on just how it was made, especially the binding.

Daddy, proud Grandma and Grandpa and our little angel.

And Jenny – you should have been in the photo too.  I’m so glad I got to get to know you better this summer.

Welcome, Jen, Matthew, James and Colin to our family.

And welcome, Aaryana.

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One Response to I Finally Met My Little Angel

  1. What a cutie. You must be so proud.

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