I Hate Slugs!

I’ve never lived in a place where it rains as much as here in Norway.  I’ve never lived where you can go for two weeks without ever seeing the sun once.  I’ve never lived where Rhododendrons grow.

And I’ve never lived in a place where I had to deal with SLUGS!

Well, once in a while in Saskatchewan, the pear slugs would get ahead of me and decimate my cottoneaster hedge.  but the were only 1/4″ long – and only hit one plant.

Here, there are small gray ones, and fat red-brown ones, and long, black ones, and even striped leopard slugs…….. and they ALL love my flowers.

Why can’t they eat weeds?  or the grass even?  But no, they really loved my lewisia and tiny margarita daisies.  And even though the plants have been reduced to skeletons, they still have to check in for a munch.

I’ve been waging a was on them the past few days – spoon and baggie in hand.   The first night i spared the striped ones, as my neighbour told me that they didn’t do any damage.  Last night I found on right in the middle of one of my daisies, so I’m afraid they no longer get left either.

So, when does it get too cold for slugs? I know that it won’t freeze here in September, only get rainy and dreary.  that seems to be a slugs’ favourite weather.

I’m hoping that the slug community has been noticing that their friends who have ventured out into MY flowerbeds have NOT been returning.  Maybe it will become a danger zone in their world, and my lovely flowers will come back a bit longer.


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7 Responses to I Hate Slugs!

  1. Evelyn says:

    I hate slugs too, BUT have found some broken egg shells around the bottom of a plant helps – they don’t like to crawl across the sharp pieces. They tend to love our hostas.
    Another way to encourage them away from your plants to put out a saucer of beer and apparently they will crawl in there and drown. Waste of good beer, maybe – can’t say I’ve tried that, but the egg shells have to be disposed of anyway. Hope that helps.

    • I’m busy collecting egg shells – they need to be put around quite thick to do any good. My neighbors are just collecting them, I think.

      I’ve seen the ones our in BC – fluorescent orange and yellow, and much larger……. but they were never lined up to eat MY flowers.

  2. Karen says:

    Hi Kathi:
    When I was in Vancouver I saw slugs that I would not wish on anyone! They have to be the biggest and ugliest things – longer than 10″ and they leave those awful slime trails – yuck! However, as Evelyn suggests, egg shells are the best and easiest solutions that I have ever tried and it works well. Do your Norweigan friends have anything they use? Surely they don’t like having the slugs around.
    Karen In Canada

  3. Karen says:

    Living where I live I deal with them all the time…and I found one inside a tomato the other day…it was completely cleaned out, just the shell left…I’m told and am trying diatomaceous earth…natural and will help to keep all pests and such away…seems to be working….

  4. Wow – what a tomato! I’ve thought of diatomaceous earth – will check at the garden centre – or should it be the wine making shop???

  5. Paramjeet says:

    Another thing that I have read about that works in keeping the slugs away is Garlic .

  6. Sally Acomb says:

    Hi Kathy, I am dealing with slugs too. Saucer of beer works well, they drown. I had not heard of the egg shells, but will try myself. Good luck.

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