Back To The Vet…… Follow The Rules!

This morning Snoopy and I walked to the vet so he could have his second worm treatment…… doesn’t sound like much, but there is a story here.

Norway requires that if a dog travels into another country, he is to have worm treatment in the other country within one week of returning to Norway.  He is then to have the treatment repeated within one week after returning.  Thems the rules.

When we went to Denmark over Easter weekend, we spent all of the first morning making contact with a vet. It being Easter Saturday, he went out of his way to see us, and we paid for the privilege.

When we returned to Norway, no one checked our passports, or Snoopy’s.

So, last week, my sister and I went for 3 days to Denmark, and again took Snoopy along.  While we were there, we did NOT track down a vet, nor get the worms pills.  And, of course, this time we were pulled over at customs in Kristiansand….. at 2:00 am! And they cared very much that we had no vet stamp in Snoopy’s pet passport. We could have had tons of alcohol or goodness knows what in the back – they didn’t check….. but this dog was a big problem.

They tried to call the vet, who did not answer. They threatened deporting him, and us, at our expense, back to Denmark………. or putting Snoopy into quarantine to the tune of 3500+ NOK.  They finally settled on locking us up in the customs area, keeping our passports, and letting us sleep in the car. Now, this is a VW Golf -the front seats fold down flat – on to the back seat.  Dog on the back seat….. problem.  Bathrooms locked up in the building…. problem.  It was a dreadful night.

The customs chap came back about 7 am, and proceeded to call again for the vet. He left (the ferry had departed and he had no reason to stay) before the vet arrived.  When she did come, the gate wouldn’t’ open for her like she had been told. Finally she got in and gave Snoopy the tablets.  then we had to knock on doors until we could get into the building to use electricity for the debit machine…. the ferry offices are shut up tighter than Fort Knox.

The vet told me she thought it was a really stupid rule……… but they take rules very seriously in Norway. If Snoopy hadn’t been sitting up, we very likely would not have even been stopped.

We finally got to our hotel at 9 am – ate the breakfast that was included in the room rate, and I slept for 45 minutes.  I’m not quite sure if that bed was the most comfortable I’ve ever slept in, or if I was just that tired. (In case you wondered, it’s the Yess Hotel in Kristiansand – I’d recommend it).

The sun was shining brightly, and we had a wonderful and very uneventful drive back to Sandnes.  And we slept really well that night.

Moral of the story – the Norwegians LOVE rules – and it’s best to just follow them and be done with it.

I’ll be back with details and photos of our trip.

Takk for nå.

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3 Responses to Back To The Vet…… Follow The Rules!

  1. Sharon says:

    A real Snoopy tale! You gotta love your dog 🙂

  2. Evelyn says:

    I guess that’s why I have cats and leave them at home when we travel. I know other family members who have dogs are always running into problems. My brother and SIL got turned away from a B&B because they had brought their Shi Tzu – even though the B&B had been informed and said they took small dogs. It was doubly distressing as they had travelled nearly 300 miles for my Dad’s burial. Sometimes a little compassion is in order.
    Glad you and your sister were able to return to Norway. Hope the rest of her visit is less eventful.

  3. Paramjeet says:

    Gosh ! all I see is ,you are smiling ….keep travelling and keep writing ,I do wish you little less eventful sojourns.

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