Back in Norway and Ready to Write

It seems to have been a long summer.  We began with company June 23, spent an eventful July in Canada, and my sister visited for two weeks when we returned to Norway.

Since Sunday, I’ve just been trying to re-enter “normal” life.  We’ve had some lovely, sunny days, and I have been able to get on top of my flower beds (can’t believe how the weeds grow). I’ve cut the grass, cleaned up the patio, and harvested quite a number of horrid slugs that have been happily munching on my flowers.

And now it’s raining – and the forecast is rain for the next week or more. I’m sure glad I got the outside work finished first.

Snoopy and I went on a 5.3 mile walk on Tuesday – calm with lovely reflections in the water along the stream and on Stokkalandvatnet  Lake.  The ducks were out sunning themselves. We walked as far as Pluto – almost 2 hours in the sunshine.

Yesterday was my cycling day……. after over a month of very little.  I went to the Statens Vegvesen (State Licensing Office) in yet another bid to get my temporary license. We won our appeal to exchange our Canadian licenses for Norwegian ones, with just a road test, instead of $6000 worth of lessons first.  We drove in Canada on our Omani licenses, and I was able to drive here with my sister Darlene as co-pilot (with an extra rear-view mirror that she could see, and a bit red letter “L” on the back of the car, so I am feeling a lot more confident about driving here than I was in May when we had those first lessons.

As it turns out, there really IS NO ONE at that office but Mette who can make any kind of a decision, even after phoning and talking to people, and I came away empty handed, and extremely frustrated, again.  Chalked up 13.5 miles on that trip….. but I did find some purple pillow cases that will go with my applique quilt and new teal sheets.

In the evening I went to the meeting of the local Norwegian Quilt guild.  I was tired, and wasn’t sure I really wanted to go, but I’m glad I went.  David arrived home from work just as I was leaving, and he rode there with me – we took a wrong turn so the trip was a bit longer (total there and back 5.7 miles, making a grand total for the day of 19.2 miles).

The meeting flowed around me – 30 ladies doing hand work and chatting about their summers. I concentrated on my applique as there is no use even trying to understand when that many people are talking at once.  When the leader of the group spoke, or someone was doing a demonstration, I paid strict attention – catching only a word or two – but that’s OK. I sat beside Nina Moen, the author of the quilt book.  She is a wonderful, dynamic lady.  Here is one of her most recent experiments – she went to the local Salvation Army store for materials. Sorry for the weird angle, but I was sitting right beside.Nina will be teaching a free motion quilting class in September, and I plan to attend.  I can always learn more patterns and ways to think of quilting, whether I am doing it on my Janome or on the Bailey and frame.  It will also give me a chance to listen to Norwegian being spoken in a smaller group – and her English is as good as mine, so I won’t miss anything important.

I took an older quilt along for show-and-tell – a summer quilt with an interesting quilt-as-you-go technique, and had several people quizzing me on its construction. It’s called “Woven Wonder Quilt” by Prairie Sky Quilting.

Here are a couple of other shots from show-and-tell… was place mat night, so you see some of them strung up behind.

Last but not least was the lotto game – winners of past prizes bring gifts to be drawn for.  I won the last prize – and a pretty good one it was – a pattern and fabric kit for small boxes and two night-stand runners (Sweet Boxes)……….and almost missed it because I always forget the difference between 4 and 5 in Norwegian. The instructions are in Norwegian

This has grown a lot longer than I thought it would be – and I have tons of stories and photos from our summer adventures.  Maybe now it’s raining, I’ll have more time to write.

See you again soon.

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4 Responses to Back in Norway and Ready to Write

  1. Lori says:

    So glad you are back – I have missed your blogging!! Hope you had a great time on your vacation and I look forward to seeing your pictures and hearing about your trip!

  2. Evelyn says:

    Glad to see you back – hope you enjoyed your summer vacation. I’ve missed learning more about Norway and Stavanger in particular. I love the purple and teal with your quilt – WOW!

  3. Brenda Fritzler says:

    So glad that you are back on your blog. I am going to show my neighbour what you have been up too. Enjoyed your visit but hope to be better company the next time you come!

  4. Dolores says:

    You’ve had a busy summer. I do like the quilt on your bed. Very effective. I follow Nina’s blog too.

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