Ready to Quit Practising

the two things I needed to brush up on before putting Aaryana’s baby quilt on the frame were stitching in the ditch using a ruler, to stabilize all the sashings and borders, and free notion quilting – gaining some control and stitch evenness.

I used a plain piece of fabric for my practice piece, and followed the beginnings of Ann Petersen’s “Beyond Basic Machine Quilting” lessons on Craftsy.  Instead of piecing borders as she had done, I just drew lines where they would be……

Well, here are the practice results – lines –Image

and a flower – the front –Image

and the back.Image

I think the stitches are pretty even, and mostly controlled – so I’m ready to attach the baby quilt to the leaders and get moving.  I’d like to be hand stitching the binding next Wednesday evening at the Sandnes Quilt Guild meeting.

So, here I go.



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2 Responses to Ready to Quit Practising

  1. sue says:

    go go go and keep going. . .

  2. Cecilia Magor says:

    Great stuff Kathy ! I recognise the style of the flower from the Crafty course, you certainly got it nailed ! clever lady.

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