Back on the Rails!

or rather – lets get that Bailey Home Quilter on the rails again.

Yesterday, I set up my quilting frame downstairs, and unwrapped my Bailey 13″ Home Quilter.  Would you believe that it was last SEPTEMBER when it was packed away – before our aborted move back to Canada?  I feel the withdrawal pains again, just thinking about it.  And yet, we’ve had our shipment here since the end of march – and I’m only setting up now.  Now, the guilt feelings start to pile on.  I’ve had a hard time feeling settled and organized here, and I’m still thinking of other places to stash some of the furniture etc. that is also inhabiting the basement room with my frame.

I just took a good look at the calendar, and WOW!.. it’s only 17 days until we leave for Canada – take away company from the 23rd – gives me two weeks to get this quilt for my granddaughter finished and ready to travel – and I’d really like it finished for the quilt meeting on the 21st of June. I guess that bit of reality was what really lit the fire under me.

Today, I set up the machine and put on an old practice piece I’ve used earlier. It’s not great material, but works for practice. It has its own leaders on it so I can just stick it on whenever I want to try something out.  Over 8 months……will I remember anything at all?  I have green thread already in the bobbin, so the pink I’ll use on the baby quilt will contrast and show if I have the tension balanced or not.  I have a problem with stops and direction changes creating knots of bottom thread on the top of the quilt – so when I actually do the quilting, I’ll make sure top and bottom threads match to minimize the problem.  I’d really like to have a better solution, but I think that the Bailey is just a bit slow in responding to changes – or may be I need to move even slower than I do, although I’m no speed demon. Needle threaded – bobbin thread up – ready, go!  Swirls first, and then meandering feathers.  A bit jerky, but pretty soon I’m beginning to retrace lines with a modicum of accuracy.  I installed the ruler foot and got out my little 6 inch quilting ruler, and tried some straight line….. it’s difficult to remember NOT to press hard on the ruler, or you just keep the machine from moving freely.  I need to practice this a lot, but I think I’ll remember. I’ll be stitching-in-the-ditch to make sure the quilt is straight (keep straight lines straight, Marline Turner emphasized).

A bit of doodling, and I’m done for the day.  now, to get the backing and batting ready for my first challenge, and I’m back where I want to be – quilting again.

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4 Responses to Back on the Rails!

  1. Sally Acomb says:

    It is not you, it is the Bailey. I have had to learn to slow it down even more. Was trying to FMQ like on the Bernina, found out it goes much more user friendly to slow down. I am learning to use a pantograph this week. First attempt is not too bad, BUT my machine is for some reason jumping off the tracks. It is almost too heavy for me to get back on the tracks, and this has caused some scratching of the plastic glides along which the machine rides. I have the Gracie Pro Frame. Looks like you have had fun. Good luck and keep on quilting! Safe journey home.

    • Thanks, Sally. I plan to spend the next 3 days or so practicing – maybe find a stool to sit on and see if it helps. And dial the speed way down.
      With your machine – could it have something to do with where it is placed on the trolley – a bit of imbalance might make it jump the tracks.

  2. Cecilia Magor says:

    How nice ! love your feathers…. no machine likes being moved and they will need twicking to settle down…. Enjoy being reunited with your quilting, I should know that a difficult settling doesn’t inspire you to quilt. Must look forward to creating new and better masterpieces now! xx

  3. Evelyn says:

    Like riding your bicycle – you’ll be in top form in no time…not that I’ve ever used a quilting machine … but I”m sure you’ll both settle in quickly.

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