Bicycles Ready…… Lets Go!

We have enjoyed over a week of warm, sunny weather.  Sunday was billed as the last of the 20+C weather, so we decided now was the time for another long ride.  Rather than going overland, up hills and down, we opted to ride along the fjord to Stavanger.  There is a bike path the whole way, and most of it is off the road, or on very quiet streets.

When we got to the north end of Sandnes, we saw a path right along the fjord, but didn’t see how to get over or under the railway track to it.  Maybe back at the marina….. off we went, only to discover that was NOT the right way.  Back we went – glad that no one was sitting on their front step right there, wondering where on earth we were going.

Found it…… right by the fjord.  There was very little wind, and the water was so clear and still and blue.

We went back and forth under the rail tack a few times, down lovely lanes  –

past beaches teeming with families out to enjoy the wonderful weekend sunshine.  It was a lovely ride – not too fast, but steady and WARM!

When we approached Stavanger Sentrum, we rode around Breiavatnet – a little lake near the harbour that was said to have been caused by a troll throwing a boulder to stop the noise of the cathedral being built in the 1100’s.  There has been a swan sitting on eggs right along the edge by the bus stops – and her cygnets have hatched.

A cruise ship was just leaving the harbour as we arrived.  there is at least one a day – this one was fairly big, but some are enormous.

We went to Dickens – one of many pubs along the harbour.  It was great to sit in the sun and relax.

The buildings that now house pubs and eateries were once warehouses right along the shore, and goods were hoisted up to upper level storage floors.

We grabbed some pizza and rode back home.  It was getting a bit crisp then, and I was glad to get into the hose and warm up.  But what a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

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One Response to Bicycles Ready…… Lets Go!

  1. Cecilia Magor says:

    How nice Kathi ! makes a difference when the temperatures are in the 20s ! , we had a week like that; now we’re back to the 14o can’t beleive it! spaghetti straps last week, jumper and raincoat this week…

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