On A Roll

Yesterday morning (Sunday), before the long bike ride, I put up my design wall.  With David busy on work that needed to be finished (why does work have to extend into weekends?), I got my hammer and hooks, and set to it.  As the walls here are not as tall as in Oman and Kuwait, I had quite a bit of flannel sheet hanging on the floor, needing to be pinned up.  I also didn’t have much choice as to where to put it – but if the door is closed, I can go into the adjoining room and get away from the wall enough for a good look.  Oh yes, and I have to move the ironing board out of the way.

And why was this a priority all of a sudden?  The baby quilt top is FINISHED!  And I had nowhere to put it up to take a photo.  The pattern is “Simple Pleasures” by Cynthia Tomaszewski, who lives in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

So, here it is.  I’m quite happy.

Now, I need to get the frame set up and going so the quilt will be done when we got back to Canada the end of June.

And here is the lovely young lady that it is for – my granddaughter Aaryana – almost 6 months old already.

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4 Responses to On A Roll

  1. corinnelouise says:

    Kathi, your quilt is absolutely stunning, what a great job accomplished. and the yound lady is very cute too, guess you are excited to see her soon and counting the days. it is raining here in France today as it has been for almost a week now and we expect quite a few more days of it.

  2. sue says:

    Beautiful. . . both of them.

  3. Hope says:

    quilt is beautiful like your grandaughter.

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