The Ice Is Broken!

Ever since we moved into the house the beginning of March, it’s been as if there was a force field across the sewing room door that I couldn’t break through. Once I had my fabric and other things unpacked, I rarely went in – always something else to be done, especially in the mornings. By the time I was free, I just felt too drained to concentrate.  When I did risk looking at the borders on Aaryana’s quilt, I discovered that I’d done one section wrong, and, aside from unpicking the stitches and redoing the 2″ bit, nothing.

I did get my machine out and hauled it to an open-evening at the local quilt shop, driven by a new friend, Gwynne, who, unfortunately, has now left for her home near Oslo, and will be having her second child in a week. I didn’t want to wrestle with the baby quilt there, so I got out the pieced blocks that go with the blocks I’ve been sporadically hand appliqueing. Just getting organized to go, I discovered that I’d miscounted what I needed, and would have to recut and redo.  I was beginning to wonder if I’d done ANYTHING right.

I was beginning to feel like a fake – a wanna-be quilter – an imposter. Maybe I should just sell all the fabric and quit pretending. Use the room for something else.

On the weekend, we got busy repacking boxes and moving things into the attic.  I hadn’t realized that it was actually usable space, and had everything piled in the downstairs bedroom…… wondering how on earth I was going to clear it out for company. All day Tuesday I worked, sorting and packing things into boxes small enough to be manageable. i called the moving company and arranged for them to come and pick up all the empty boxes and used packing paper.  I contacted Fretex – the local second-hand store – to come and pick up the futon and assorted other things.  The house was suddenly feeling like a home instead of a junk shop.

And in the afternoon, a rainy one when I had just returned with three bags of groceries on my bike, I entered the sewing room……. and I sewed!

I only have the two long pink borders to put on, and this quilt will be ready for quilting.  And I DO already have the space cleared to put the frame up in the basement.

I need to do a bit of rearranging in the sewing room –actually, it’s two small rooms, joined together.  Here’s the fabric and cutting area.Ihave lovely big windows to let in the natural light – and right now, it doesn’t get dark until really late. It is a far cry from the space I had in Kuwait and Muscat, but if the muse is back, then I can make it work.

I hope now the curse has been lifted, and I can create all those things I’ve had rattling around accusingly in my head. It’s like being reborn.

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9 Responses to The Ice Is Broken!

  1. Sharon says:

    Kathi that quilt is going to be magnificent. I love it and can’t wait to see it finished.

  2. Paramjeet says:

    So good to see you studio all set and the beautiful beautiful quilt all loaded and ready to go …..
    miss you so much kathi.

  3. Evelyn says:

    I’m sure before long, you’ll be spending more time in your sewing area than any place else. The quilt looks beautiful – good luck!

  4. candy says:

    Beautiful quilt! I’m so glad you found the muse again. Sometimes that just happens. After seeing that quilt, I can’t imagine why you would think you were a wannabe quilter. Why so we always doubt ourselves?

    Just curious…what’s your frame and machine combination?

  5. sue says:

    So glad you found the muse. . . in all the unpacking. Glad you are feeling settled. It just takes time. Sometimes breaks are good. And the guest room is unpacked!!! YAY!! I’m thinking Eid trip.
    Quilt show was last night. . didnt win. I understand you’re feeling. I worked so hard on the one. I think the quilt was entered in the wrong category. . . oh well. I got 2 entries in . . . first time I have entered. It felt great just seeing my quilts on the wall.

  6. Shyamala Rao says:

    That must be one great quilt in the making. I put toghter a slide show presentation from the yester years for the opening day. Your appluque quilt was there in it and people were remebering how beautiful was your hand work.

  7. Becky Peacock says:

    So glad to hear you’re back to quilting, Kathi. I love your work. It’s an inspiration to me. Miss you so much here, especially in the quilt show. Your applique quilt last year was always one of my favourite. Looking forward to seeing photos of your work in the weeks ahead.

  8. Debbie Tarangul says:

    I know what you mean about having a hard time getting your “quilting mojo” back Kathi….I seem to be having the same issue lately. It is not that I don’t think about quilting everyday, because I do…it is just that I am having a hard time making myself go into my sewing studio. I have retreat coming next weekend so I am hoping that I will get my mojo back…lol. You are inspiring me my dear and I too want to see that quilt fully and not just a part of it. From what I see…it is really pretty!

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