Another Early Morning Walk.

The great thing about having a dog is that you HAVE to get out and walk.  The rotten thing about it is, however, that you HAVE to go, even if you don’t want to, or are tired, or it’s totally miserable out.  Lucky for me, today wasn’t one of those days.  David left early, and the sun was shining brightly, just begging me to go and enjoy the break from rain and cloud.  A quick check on the weather site got me going right away, as rain is forecast for most of the day – AND tomorrow. Naturally, Snoopy was ready and willing.

We often follow the same route, down to the park and then along the stream.  There are several places where there is an alternate route – a great thing in the mornings when there are a lot of cyclist on their way to work. On the narrower trails, one can meander, and stop to look at the flowers – or sniff them, as Snoopy does.  Sometimes, I think I will have to change his name to Ferdinand (the bull who didn’t want to fight, for those who don’t recognize the reference), although he is probably checking out stopping places of other dogs, rather than admiring the colourful blooms.  I’ve just switched pocket cameras, and this one has both an exposure setting and a super macro setting.  I love that I can get photos of white flowers now, and also super close up. Walking with a dog, one cannot use a sophisticated camera and play with manual settings.

Anyway, back to the walk.  I like going the same places because there is always something new to see…. wild flowers are just ceasing to bloom when there are new ones beginning, and still more leaves to wonder about. It has been an unseasonably cool spring, and most of the trees and flowers are behind schedule.  The rhododendrons should be a riot of colour by now, but the first blossoms are only timidly opening.

And, sooner or later, I remember – or take the time – to look things up to find out what they are.  Take this photo of a sign that I took in March – always planning to check and see if “mølle” meant “mill”- and never thinking about it when I returned home.  This morning, I looked up the translation on my phone – and yes, of course, it does…… and THAT is why the mill stones are along the wall, and a small table is made out of one on the path side.  By the way – the mill was just demolished in the 70’s – not that long ago, really.

We’ve had a lot of rain lately. The stream is running almost as high as we’ve seen it. When I emptied my rain gauge Monday morning, there was 34mm – that was just since Sunday evening.  The snails are out and about today – here is one fine fellow out for his morning walk.  While reading my beginner reader book from the library, I’ve learned that this is a “snegel”.  His “hus” was about the size of a quarter – about 2 cm across. Some snail shells here have bright yellow stripes.

And here is a relative (of the snail, that is) on a dandelion.  The slugs here are not huge, and are all brown, unlike the striking colours they display in BC.

And there are the mallards with their heads fluorescent green in the sunlight…. still only the males in attendance on the ponds.  I love to see them sailing downstream with the current….. I’m positive that they fly back upstream so they can do it again.

And rain drops on the grass – that’s one thing you have lots of opportunity to photograph – rain or dew drops on leaves.  I’m getting quite a collection.

Here is a bit of the park that I love – not all closed in, but a long lane of trees.

After a lovely walk, I stayed outside and cleared some more weeds from my flower beds… it’s feeling almost warm enough to do it now.  I got back inside just before the rain – but it let up in the afternoon, just long enough for me to go and pick up my new wheels.  Just watch me go now!

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One Response to Another Early Morning Walk.

  1. Hope says:

    I sure enjoy your walks, when can I come along with you? Actually feels like I do when I read your blog. I do like your new wheels.

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