Making lemonade.

Yesterday, I was on a bicycle for the first time in over 6 years.  And it’s true what they say, you never forget.

Since April 23, when our temporary drivers licenses expired, David and I have been on foot.  He tuned up the old bike we bought for Dayne (his son) when we lived in Grande Prairie, and began to ride to downtown Stavanger to catch the company bus to work at 6:20 am ( that’s catching the bus, not leaving the house).  I have continued to walk everywhere, including to the nearest train station almost a mile (1.5 km) when I was going into Stavanger.  Last Monday, I walked over 8 1/2 miles – and I was tired.

David bought a new bike, and we picked it up on the weekend.  May 1st was a holiday here, and David tested it out by riding over halfway to work. The rest of this week, he has made the whole trip there and back – about 17 km one way – and the first hill is a “killer”.

And yesterday, I took the plunge. My knees are fine and my legs aren’t stiff after it, so it is doable. I need to buy a new helmet, as the buckle is broken on my old one, and a larger backpack so I can do some shopping.

If we are both riding, we can explore a bit farther away on the weekends.

I guess this is a bit like making lemonade with the lemons life throws your way.

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9 Responses to Making lemonade.

  1. Julie says:

    I admire you both Kathi, hills in Stavager are steep! A killer whilst walking up, never mind cycling.
    Well done, I think we need to take a leaf out of your book 🙂

  2. Sharon says:

    Well done Kathi, you never cease to amaze me.

  3. Cecilia Magor says:

    Don’t I know it now ! when in Rome do as the Romans do. I’m back on my bike too, the only way to shop for groceries and explore further away… 😀

  4. Evelyn says:

    It’s so much fun to get back to biking…I bought a new bike last summer. I hadn’t been on one since the invention of hand brakes, but my friends had me riding several kms. by the end of the first day…and of course, now I can go with the grandlads!

  5. Hope says:

    Good for you both to take up riding on bikes to get around. I agree with you Kathi, we do what we need to do to get around. Do you take Snoopy with you?

    • Hope – Snoopy will have to learn to run with us and not keep stopping to sniff. We need to work on it or he won’t be able to come to any of the fun hiking

      • Cecilia Magor says:

        I can just picture that! 😀 , Yes… I’m going to Kuwait for their quilt exhibition, but as soon as I get back I’ll get in touch with a trainer here so that Leo doesn’t ‘cut off or walk in front of Phil” everytime we walk hime together….. not so much fun…xx

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