The Sun Does Shine Here

Sunday was a wonderful day – the sun shone all day, and we worked outside.  The sun actually arrived Saturday afternoon.  I know from all my whining, you’ve begun to wonder if the sun never shines, or if I just live under my own little cloud.  I’m happy to report that neither is the case.

We crawled lazily into the day – after all, it was Sunday, and during the week David leaves just after 6 am on his bike to catch the bus to work. We did our usual walk in the park with Snoopy – a bit shorter than usual because we had yard work to do.  But here you see the park in the sunlight –

and those mystery flowers, that now have huge leaves –

And our back yard –

In Norway, you also own the street and the strip of land on the other side.  This means that the raggedy flower border that I look at through my kitchen window all the time is MY responsibility! First, I took out my miniature roses and our tiny tomato, basil and strawberry seedlings to enjoy some real sunshine.

David tied Snoopy to the lamppost out back, and set up to put linseed oil on the wooden chests etc that we have accumulated over time.  Jenny (the cat) pussy footed out and under the neighbors’s deck after exploring the patio and eating some grass.

After planting my tiny thyme and lavender plants, out I went, armed with gloves, spade, bucket and trusty dandelion digger.

The border is about 10 meters long – by the time supper rolled around, I was about 2/3 done.  Not perfect, but you can see the progress. And now I know what kind of spaces I have to fill with my own choice of plants.

Rainy again today – a good thing because while pulling all that grass, I seem to have sprained (or strained) my little finger.  Forecast of sun again tomorrow, so I’d better rest up.

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One Response to The Sun Does Shine Here

  1. cuz says:

    Yahoo.spring is sort of starting to bud around here too………..I have been edging and poking around the perrenials…..started a few seeds indoors last week……..wouldn’t dare put them out yet….SK???????? Glad you have a yard to play around in…….Bb

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