Winter Revisited……

but only a visit.  Last Saturday, we headed for the hills, so to speak.  We don’t know yet what is happening with our drivers’ licenses, so this might be our last weekend for a while with a car, and there is so much still to see.

After doing a mega grocery shop (everything heavy that I don’t want to carry back the mile from the Coop), we grabbed the maps, the dog and away we went.

Our initial objective was Byrkjedal. . There is a candle factory there, as well as a shop, restaurant, and small farm.  But more about this later.

There are two ways to get there from Sandnes – so we decided to go the long way and come around the circle.

Soon we were driving along narrow, winding roads beside lovely lakes and dancing streams full of rocks. Many tiny waterfalls graced the sides of the mountains – and we could see snow-caps in the distance. There were not very many places to stop and take photos, so lots of mine were through the not-so-clean window. The first time we stopped, it was quite warm and nice…….. there is pure sand at the end of this deep mountain lake –

When we reached the boulders of the Gloppedalsura, we hustled back to the car for our jackets pretty quickly. There is snow not too far above us.   I sure wish our GPS showed elevation, as we had climbed quite a lot.  Anyway, here is the write-up on this scree landscape from 10,000 years ago –

And here is what it looks like.

David climbed to the top of this huge boulder by the parking area.  He wanted Snoopy to come and join him for the photo opp –but Snoopy didn’t think it was a good idea at all. Another write-up and a plaque commemorated a battle between Norwegian troops and German forces in April 1940.

Soon we were on our way again, and soon reached Byrkjedal. But I’ll show this to you later…. lets’ get on to the snow.   Rather than head straight home, we decided to go a bit towards Sirdal, where the closest ski hills are.  Soon, it looked like this –

And then THIS!

We stopped and waded through the snow to a bridge and crossing it, found ourselves on a golf course.  Snoopy remembered running in snow, and shoved his nose into it for the first time I’ve seen him.  Our old black lab, Puddles, used to love burying his nose in snow drifts.

After checking out a few more small villages and snow-bordered streams,

We tried the road that leads to the Kjieragbolten, (this is a tourism shot, not mine) a boulder wedged between two cliffs 1000 m above the fjord, but the road isn’t open for the summer yet.

We took a different road home after Byrkjedal, back out of the snow.  The drive was beautiful – and I can’t wait to see it in the sunshine.

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