I Love Saturdays!

Saturday is the day that we can sleep in if we feel like it……. or get up early and just drink coffee, chat, and browse on the internet……

Or go for a long walk. We decided to go downtown to see if we could get breakfast somewhere – preferably outside as we took Snoopy with us.  I’ve been to the mall side of the tracks downtown, but never into the older shopping district.  We were in for a real treat.

One street, about 5 blocks long, has been made into a pedestrian mall.  I counted three different book stores……. one I’ve never been in before too.  Unfortunately, there was only one place to eat that early on a Saturday morning, but there were tables outside.  This is the view from our table –

David went in to order, and soon came out this steaming mugs of coffee – always a necessity in cold weather – and a huge egg and shrimp sandwich. Shrimp is a mainstay here in Norway. For Friday-night dinner, they love to eat freshly peeled shrimp on bread with lettuce and mayonnaise ….. and a bottle of wine. And now, we were having it for breakfast instead of our normal bacon and egg.

We took a different way home, and stopped in at two different farm-service hardware stores – kind of like Peavey Mart, for you Canadians. The had almost everything.  I’ve never seen an entire store wall filled with horse shoes before.

I bought a rain gauge (wouldn’t you know, it’s hardly rained since I got it – maybe that’s the secret).

When we finally arrived home, we had a bit of a nap (told you I love Saturdays) and then took the car to do a bit more exploring, and buy some cat food and litter.  We went through Sola, so stopped to buy some wine and I went into the quilt shop for a moment – I was good – only two small remnants. As we were driving through Tananger, we went down to the harbour there for a cup of coffee, and went out on this rock at the edge of it.  Here you can seen the Tananger fishing harbour –

and houses right on top of the rocks –and here is the north Sea.  It was pretending to be quite gentle and lovely that morning, wasn’t it?

After picking up cat food, litter, and a few dog treats, we drove back to Sandnes where we live, and went along the East shore of the fjord. This housing development is rather unique There was supposed to be a restaurant in the small village – of course there wasn’t – GPS doesn’t know everything.  We did have a lovely views of the fjord though.

And this bush is a Ribes – or currant.  I saw these blooms in Aberdeen, but didn’t get close enough to identify it.  Wish I had room for one.

And as we walked back to the car, we saw this playground……. look at the bumpers on the bottom of the teeter totter.  No hard bumps for the child on the high side here.

The rest of the weekend was consumed mostly by moving furniture and emptying boxes. Slowly, the place is taking shape and it will soon look like we live here, instead of just moving in.

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3 Responses to I Love Saturdays!

  1. Evelyn says:

    Always such a pleasure to read your blogs and see your beautiful photos.

  2. Cecilia Magor says:

    Lovely pictures, looks so peaceful…. Like here, not many people wandering about on a Saturday morning !

  3. I agree with Evelyn…keep m coming…

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