A Thousand Diamonds….

sparkled on my lawn this morning.

Or, in other words, we had a fairly hard frost.  I think David was glad that he parked in the garage last night.

It was pretty crispy when Snoopy and I set out for our morning walk.  We walked along the stream, and the steam was rising into the air.The daffodils were not very happy.  but I had my warm scarf and hat, so I was just fine….. rosy cheeks never hurt anyone, right?We took a different path today – up behind some houses, and then back down into the stream valley.

We walked all the way to the “sun” – it is right across from the nearest grocery store……It doesn’t open until 9 am, so I decided to try one downtown – but it isn’t open until 10.  We were back at the Coop just before 9 – and I got my lettuce – and also two herb plants.

Company tonight, so I have to try and locate the dining room table.  So the stories from the weekend will have to wait.

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One Response to A Thousand Diamonds….

  1. Paramjeet says:

    Beautiful, Kathi love your pictures .

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