Where Did Spring Go?

Just a brief “whine” amid my unpacking of boxes, as our container came last Thursday/Friday, and we spent most of the weekend out.  Fabric is mostly on the shelves, albeit, NOT in any order at all.  The kitchen is pretty well organized, although I’m still looking in many cupboards before I find a lot of things.

Last week, the temperature hit 17C.  Saturday, it was sunny, although the breeze was a bit cool.  This morning, we woke up to snow on the ground!  My daffodils don’t know what hit them.

I’m told that this is when the weather begins to get nice – so, “I’m waiting”.

Bring on the sun!

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3 Responses to Where Did Spring Go?

  1. Julie cooper says:

    Ooooh Kathi, I thought it was going to be pleasant when I arrive back next week!

  2. Paramjeet says:

    The same here Kathi.

  3. Evelyn says:

    We are experiencing the same – winter to summer to winter to spring – it’s very disconcerting not only to the plants but the rest of us as well.

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