On a Forest Hike

One Friday, David discovered that there are a couple of places where you can walk your dog off-leash – at least in the winter and fall.  One of them is really close to our house, so the following Sunday morning, we decided to give it a try.

Would it be sunny???  We had a bit of sun Saturday afternoon,  so it was anyone’s guess.  On thing we have learned already – you don’t put things off just because the sun isn’t shining.  You could be waiting a long, long time.

Snoopy, of course, was just happy to come in the car with us.  He had no idea what a treat we had in store for him.

After missing the corner twice, we finally started down the narrow road to the trails.  They call it the “Dog Forest”, because so many people take advantage of being able to walk their dogs here off-leash.  The dogs love to run and sniff at their own pace – and to meet the other dogs along the way.  At first, Snoopy stayed pretty close to us…… he had never walked off-leash in the forest before.  Not much opportunity in the desert.

Logs cut along the road – fairly small. Wonder what they will be used for?

Half way up. OK – whose idea was it to take this path?? Gasp, pant, wheeze?

Almost at the top, a style over the fence for the humans, and a pet door for the dogs.

Down again, to a tiny lake.

Through trees – balancing on rocks to cross a stream…

An open area.  Suddenly, Snoopy seemed to realize that he was free to run – and run he did.  You could see the sheer joy in every muscle as he leaped over streams and standing water.  He was running to quickly to get a photo.

We wandered back to the main road, then down to a fairly large river.

Back toward the car.  The sun had come out, making it a wonderful day for a walk in the forest.That was a couple of weeks ago.  I’d love to go back now and see the changes in the trees and other plants.

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One Response to On a Forest Hike

  1. Evelyn says:

    What a magnificent forest – almost medieval – adventure lurking at every turn. Now that Snoopy has had a taste of freedom, he’ll be expecting you to take him back!

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