Tuesday Morning Shocker!

We’ve had some lovely weather lately – almost made up for not being able to get the internet set up. The nearby park was lovely, and it was a joy to take Snoopy for a walk, or wander downtown to pick up a few of the bits and bobs that you never remembered to pack – or had room for when you move.

Oh oh – the view our the living room window-Why do dogs still need to be walked in cold weather?  Where ARE my gloves, boots and warm Norwegian hat? And the warm wool scarf that my friend Jo wove for me in Muscat?

Away we go to the park to see the transformation. The snow had just dusted the upper branches of the cedars

and dogwoods.

The rhododendrons looked quite frozen

although the trees took it in their stride.  I love the look of snow balancing on branches,The huge trees had protected the round, so underneath it was still quite bare.

The ducks didn’t look too excited about the change.  They flopped into the water if we got too close, but looked as if they would much rather be back in yesterday’s warmth.

This tree has always intrigued me – I wonder who decided that it should have a scarf to keep it warm.  This was the right day to take it’s photo.

I love these trees – the branches reach out where ever there is a bit of free space.I love this park – how lucky to live so close that I can walk here every day!

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One Response to Tuesday Morning Shocker!

  1. Hope says:

    nice, I need to take my camera when I leave my house, you inspire me, thanks!

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